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While other studies have used CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing to disable or decrease gene expression, the new study published in Science Advances used unbiased gene editing for the first time to increase gene expression and subsequent photosynthetic activity.
Prof. Oren Levy researches the timing of the reproduction of corals around the world and is surprised by Dioc. However the biological clock of the corals is not adapted to the volume lights
Thanks to an accidental discovery in the laboratory, researchers were able to improve plant growth and give them resistance to drought and salinity conditions, by exposing their seeds to a plant hormone in a simple and easy-to-apply process
Sediment studies in the Mediterranean reveal the existence of a green corridor in the Sahara desert that emerged at the exact time when our ancestors migrated from Africa about 2.1 million years ago
Trees or solar panels - which strategy wins in dealing with the climate crisis?
The discovery also has value in a completely different field - the search for life on planets outside the solar system
By tracing the evolution of proteins, Weizmann Institute of Science scientists have charted the history of oxygen availability on Earth and solved a long-standing scientific puzzle
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