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molecular genetics

Researchers from the University of Michigan and the Weizmann Institute of Science have for the first time developed a central nervous system on a chip that faithfully simulates that of the human fetus - from the end of the spinal cord to the forebrain
A study in C. elegans worms found that a type of small RNA molecule is essential for slowing the rate of aging and prolonging the lives of animals with a damaged reproductive system
Weizmann Institute of Science scientists have discovered a new pathway that may protect nerve cells in the brain and slow down the development of degenerative brain disease
The institute's scientists and their research partners from the Technion and Tel Aviv University have for the first time created mixed beams of individual atoms
Weizmann Institute of Science scientists deciphered the molecular mechanism of "return to normal" and discovered that it is based on labeling proteins for destruction with a special code known as "SUMO"
These days, the ability of these substances to fight viruses that harm humans, including the flu and corona viruses, is being tested
It is possible that movement therapy can become part of the treatment protocol for scoliosis, hip dislocation and other skeletal deformities, the treatment of which is currently generally based on the restriction of movement
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