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Prof. Maron will take up her position in about six months, at which time she will replace Prof. Gur Elroy, who currently serves as rector and will be appointed at the same time as the next president of the University of Haifa
On the religious and cultural factors that lead to food waste in households
Extracellular matrix is ​​the part of the tissue that surrounds the cells and provides them with structural support. Beyond the structural function of the matrix, it is used for a variety of roles, such as separating tissues from one another and controlling intercellular communication, hence its role in this disease
After a summer without jellyfish, and the enormous size of the jellyfish in the winter swarms, we expect that the coming summer will be relatively abundant in jellyfish," said Dr. Dor Edelist, a marine biologist from the University of Haifa
Our research shows that when walking, the smart glasses reduce the ability to perform both walking and reading texts, and this can also have an impact on the safety of the users," said Dr. Tal Krasovsky from the University of Haifa, the author of the study
After an unusually jellyfish-free summer, a swarm of wandering filamentous jellyfish has been seen in recent days off the coast of Haifa
A research robot discovered a colorful abundance of life at a depth of a kilometer in the sea * Researchers examined how a unique and abundant environment was created, in the depths of the sea, off the coast of Israel
Researchers have discovered that the skeletal muscle composition of the blind rat is preserved throughout its life, delaying its aging
Until now, the low temperatures of the Mediterranean water in winter have been a barrier to the arrival of tropical corals. The establishment of the Dendronaphtia we found indicates that at least last winter, the waters of the Mediterranean Sea were warmer than before
Does the deep fake threaten the study of history by forging unidentifiable documents?
The giant picture, measuring 6 meters by three meters, in which we see a portrait of Amini, consists of 1,000 small pictures of the victims of the Iranian regime in the past year. The image was revealed in the presence of the Iranian-American artist Homan Khalili, who created the mosaic image with the help of artificial intelligence technology
The animal that breaks the laws of nature: a new Israeli study reveals that the colonies of the flower botryll, a unique marine creature, age in their entirety - and then return to being young again. The phenomenon received the term "Orshina rhythm" - the Talmudic name of the mythological phoenix
In both cases, it may be related to your gut bacteria. This is according to a joint study by scientists at the University of Haifa and the Technion, who also present hope for change for people who suffer from their sleeping pattern
"The discussion is always about what the dog contributes to man, and there are even opinions that accuse humanity of exploiting other species. The innovative research findings of CLEVER DOG LAB and TECH4ANIMALS imply that the dog also benefits from the interaction," said Prof. Anna Zamansky from the University of Haifa
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