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genetic mutations

Researchers discovered which genes are required for each stage of cell differentiation into neural stem cells and neurons, i.e. for brain development, and which of them are involved in diseases of the nervous system
One of the diseases resulting from such mutations in the PHOX2B gene is the disease CCHS. This is a rare and life-threatening syndrome in which babies, children and adults stop breathing as soon as they fall asleep. Patients must be connected to ventilators to
The human DNA molecule contains about three billion bases and replicates every day about two trillion times. In order for the cellular structure to be preserved, the replication process must be incredibly precise, but at the same time, the appearance of mutations
Nati Lerer is an accidental fire fighter from Bialik who fights and saves people every day. And this was exactly his mission when his father fell ill with lung cancer - to fight as much as he could and try to save him
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