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A study by Hebrew University researchers opens innovative avenues in understanding the influence of sex cells on life expectancy and sheds light on the central role of sex cells and fertility on longevity
Prof. Oren Levy researches the timing of the reproduction of corals around the world and is surprised by Dioc. However the biological clock of the corals is not adapted to the volume lights
Researchers analyze the DNA and hormonal profile of the green turtles to understand their physiology, development and reproduction and ensure their survival
Prof. Maron will take up her position in about six months, at which time she will replace Prof. Gur Elroy, who currently serves as rector and will be appointed at the same time as the next president of the University of Haifa
Researchers report new compounds that appear to be able to mimic the physical drive of exercise—at least in rodent cells. This discovery may lead to a new way to treat muscular dystrophy and other medical conditions in people,
The ecological environment was discovered as part of a nature survey conducted by the Society for the Protection of Nature for the Municipality of Modi'in Maccabim Re'ot and financed and accompanied by the Ministry of Environmental Protection
Researchers have discovered a way to significantly optimize the rooting process in the natural genetic cloning process of plants
Weizmann Institute scientists are challenging a 200-year-old doctrine about the formation of the gland from the secretion of hormones. Their findings may lead to new approaches in the treatment of various medical problems
The research insights of Yulia Rivkin from the Faculty of Life Sciences in Bar-Ilan open up an opportunity for in-depth research into the effect of stress on the nervous system
Exposure to the sun's UV radiation may have a positive effect on the fertility of women aged 30-40
In theory, a male skin cell can be turned into an egg and a female skin cell into a sperm cell. There is also the possibility of a child genetically connected to several parents, or only to one parent
A research robot discovered a colorful abundance of life at a depth of a kilometer in the sea * Researchers examined how a unique and abundant environment was created, in the depths of the sea, off the coast of Israel
The etrog is currently at risk due to the rise in global temperatures as part of the climate crisis, and it is possible that the day will come when we will no longer be able to grow etrogs in Israel - for the first time in 2,500 years
On the spectrum of disorders caused by a defect in one gene
According to Dr. Motty Charter, the fact that two amateur observers are the ones who identified the raccoon, an endangered species, through watching the YouTube channel Birds Online Charter Group, emphasizes the enormous importance of
The animal that breaks the laws of nature: a new Israeli study reveals that the colonies of the flower botryll, a unique marine creature, age in their entirety - and then return to being young again. The phenomenon was named "Orshina Rhythm"
Climate change may lead to the collapse of the population of lizards that are common in the deserts of the Land of Israel
A Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded as part of the 51st Annual Science and Environment Conference to Prof. Yossi Levia. In a celebratory interview, he talks about his love for the profession, the corals and the researchers who grew up in his laboratory - and also warns:
A new Israeli study reveals that the desert gorse, a common plant in the country, releases a pungency that prevents many animals from eating it - but gives the bulbul birds a "medicine" that helps them digest its fruits. And: how
A deadly plague wiped out all the black sea urchins in the Gulf of Eilat within a few months and threatens to collapse the coral reef
A certain essential protein increases the expression of another protein in cancer cells in the uterus - and this transforms its skin, encourages them to divide and thus contributes to the spread of the tumor
The unique finding provides insights into understanding the species' resistance to environmental changes that took place during its existence in Ethiopia and emphasizes the urgency of the need for a conservation policy of its ecological environment in light of climate change in the near future and the fact that
Special for Passover: It turns out that slavery is not limited to humans, and various insects survive and multiply in nature thanks to the "slavery" of other species. So what do an army of small ants and Sparta have in common? What were cow barbers?
On aging fish, folding proteins and a new route for the development of medicinal substances
Tracking social mammals has allowed scientists to understand how they choose a way of behavior that promotes their ability to reproduce
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