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extinction of species

Says Prof. Bela Galil, a senior marine biologist who works as a researcher and curator at the Steinhardt Museum of Nature at Tel Aviv University. In addition, she was one of the three main authors of the chapter on "Effects of biological invasions on nature, nature's contribution to humanity and a good quality of life" in the report Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and System Services (IPBES) International
For most people, "changing attitudes to nature" is nothing more than a purely academic side job, but this change is deeper. A fundamental and necessary change is required to preserve and protect biological diversity and to protect human and animal populations around the world from harm
Although, in recent decades, whaling has been completely prohibited, except for the granting of individual permits to local fishermen in countries such as Iceland and Greenland, but despite this, the baleen populations continue to disappear, and conservationists, environmentalists and marine biologists work with the help of a combination of innovative technologies and various scientific tools to monitor the remaining population, while Identification and analysis of all the risks that cause a sharp increase in mortality.
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