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The primitive facial architecture of the gorilla as a key to understanding human facial expressions
Prof. Yair Neuman from Ben Gurion University accepted DARPA's challenge and succeeded in developing an artificial intelligence that would recognize social norms and the Parthen. The research findings were published in the prestigious journal Scientific Reports
Perhaps the success of ChatGPT requires us to update our concepts of what is "thought", what is "creativity" and what is "speech". Does ChatGPT think and talk like us, or is it an imitation of the real thing? What does it say about thought if an AI model can think, and what does it say about us if it is possible to imitate so close to reality?
It turns out that when people are sad, they choose more actions that cause pleasure, and when they feel shame, they choose more actions that cause pride
"The discussion is always about what the dog contributes to man, and there are even opinions that accuse humanity of exploiting other species. The innovative research findings of CLEVER DOG LAB and TECH4ANIMALS imply that the dog also benefits from the interaction," said Prof. Anna Zamansky from the University of Haifa
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