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The incoming president of the Israeli National Academy of Sciences, Prof. David Harel, is trying to dispel this dichotomy. In a conversation with the science website, he explains that, among other things, he intends to reduce the gap between those who support science and those who despise it
"Don't Look Up", the new film by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, presents a satirical and poignant look at humanity and the role of the media in the fight against today's major environmental problem
Belief in science has turned from the basis of democratic decisions into a political matter. Researchers who have studied the processes are trying to explain how we got to this situation and what needs to be done to stop the phenomenon. If we do not stop the process, we will return to the Middle Ages, explain a number of sociologists who have examined the issue
A new development will make it possible to reveal "liars" by movements of the facial muscles
"Brandolini's Law" states that the amount of energy required to disprove a conspiracy theory is ten times the amount of energy required to produce it
A survey distributed in eight European countries in 2019. According to the survey results, about a quarter of all Europeans would like artificial intelligence to replace the politicians they currently suffer from * 91 million Europeans support artificial intelligence instead of politicians
Prof. William Nordhaus, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics for 2018. Nordhaus was the first to create a quantitative model that describes the interrelationship between climate and the economy, and he tries to estimate in his works the expected economic price of the climate crisis, as well as the possible solutions to contain it
The journal Nature conducted a comprehensive investigation on the damage that Trump has caused to science in the four years of his presidency, and on the eve of the 2020 election
Epidemics of virgin soil - ones that the local inhabitants had not yet encountered - wiped out most of the native populations in America. The lack of local labor made it necessary to import slaves. This established the supremacy of Europe. Is it possible that if the natives had survived, the distribution of power would have been different?
Building dams on rivers for the purpose of generating electricity or distributing water has always caused discussions and friction because of the need for "green" energy and the transportation of water, versus the desire to preserve the environment and nature. Ethiopia has completed the dam on the Blue Nile and the tension between it and Egypt is increasing
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