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This new measurement method, developed by PhD student Shir Filo and Prof. Metzer, will allow the extraction of precise biological values ​​on the brain, so that it will be possible to derive from an MRI test similar indicators to those obtained from a blood test or from a brain biopsy
A new study conducted at the University of Haifa found that even the sniper fish, which lack the "higher" areas of the cerebral cortex, which are seen as being responsible for social behavior, act in a pro-social way towards their friends, until they feel "cheated"
Chapter nine from the book: "The Free Man - Evolutionary Psychology, Brain Research and Understanding the Mind"
Degeneration of the cells of the immune system in the brain may be the biological cause of depression, and there may be substances that can restore these cells - and be antidepressants
In 1990 Penrose and Moroff hypothesized that the source of consciousness is in the fractal structure of the microtubules. The movement of the particles on the fractal is apparently explained with the help of the laws of quantum mechanics but this has never been proven. Now evidence of similar systems in the laboratory strengthens the hypothesis that the fractal forces the particles moving on it to obey the laws of quantum mechanics, but is this the cause of consciousness?
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