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The cooperative economy tries to provide an answer to the loss of food
Researchers at the Technion have developed algorithms that detect errors in databases
IBM's Foundation Models will analyze vast databases of NASA satellite imagery and geographic information, and enable efficient searching of more than 300 academic articles on Earth, to help formulate insights and reveal valuable new knowledge for researchers dealing with The most pressing climate challenges
A study by researchers from Ariel University published in the Astrophysical Journal used deep learning to analyze the radiation data from communication satellites that NASA has been collecting since the 96s and succeeded with the help of machine learning in predicting solar storms up to XNUMX hours before they began to affect Earth * The research was done with the support of an agency Israeli space
Neuroscientists have reexamined hundreds of conflicting experiments on the relationship between brain activity and conscious experience. In the world of science today there are four leading and conflicting theories that deal with the study of awareness and the relationship to brain activity. In the study, the researchers re-examined hundreds of experiments that support the conflicting theories and discovered that the contradictions in the experimental findings are mainly due to methodological differences - that is, to a large extent, the form of the experiment predetermines its results
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