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A new study reveals a significant increase in the rate of people with autism in the community in Israel, which requires appropriate preparation
Researchers discovered which genes are required for each stage of cell differentiation into neural stem cells and neurons, i.e. for brain development, and which of them are involved in diseases of the nervous system
After the accelerated development, a rapid deterioration of the neurons was noted, which was manifested, among other things, in low connectivity. The study found the recurrence of the phenomenon in children with autism originating from four different types of genetic mutations
The new study contradicts the popular opinion that people with autism are apparently "indifferent to pain"
Musk recently revealed this, and autism researchers seek to use it to advance understanding of the unique traits and different minds of people on the autistic stream
A new learning method may lead to a significant improvement in visual perception abilities * According to the researchers, improving the perception ability of people with autism is a difficult challenge, requiring the patients to undergo lengthy and tedious training in addition to the difficulty
This is according to a study at the National Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Research at Ben Gurion University
A new method makes it possible to locate points of similarity between gene control molecules of different species - from lizards to humans - and thus reveal essential sections that have been preserved throughout evolution
In a new study recently published in Nature Communications, the role of one of the distinct genes for autism called POGZ was examined
A flu vaccine during pregnancy protects the children and women from illness, but does it also have long-term risks? A decade-long follow-up study refutes this.
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