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"The planet is completely covered in a kind of layer of fog or clouds," said Eliza Kempton, a researcher at the University of Maryland and lead author of a new paper on the planet published in Nature. "The atmosphere simply remained completely hidden from us until this observation." She noted that if the planet was indeed rich in water, it could have been a "water world", with large amounts of water and ice material at the time of its formation.
A blue-and-white device that was created especially for an experiment by Weizmann Institute of Science scientists was launched to the planet Jupiter, as part of an international research mission of the European Space Agency
The launch at Coro in French Guiana was postponed from yesterday due to weather conditions * The spacecraft is carrying ten instruments, some of which are also made in Israel * Will arrive in the Zedek system in July 2031
The Webb Space Telescope photographed in detail 11 of the rings surrounding Uranus-Uron
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