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Dr. Tali Dekel is at the forefront of generative AI research and a partner in the development of Lumiere - Google's video generator. "We want to know if machines can allow us to see the world better,"
Artificial intelligence and algorithms have the ability and are currently being used to exacerbate radicalisation, increase polarisation, and spread racism and political instability, according to an academic researcher from Lancaster University.
The progress in artificial intelligence capabilities has allowed us to advance in all kinds of disciplines and not just those intended for applications on Earth. Here are some ways in which artificial intelligence can help us in space exploration
Says Prof. Idan Segev of the Hebrew University, who will participate today in the event "Discoveries of the Future: From the Brain to the Computer and Back" that the National Academy of Sciences will hold today for free in the digital space
The Canadian start-up YPC Technologies developed the robotic chef using cobots - collaborative robots so that they can work alongside human chefs
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