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and the university presidents' committee

The Seven expressed their concern over the hesitant responses of the institutions' leadership to condemn the calls for genocide
This is what the Board of Heads of the Research Universities (RA) announced this morning: "For the past few weeks, we have been working on detailed outlines for returning to studies, in which a diverse basket of adjustments will be used alongside finding individual solutions for all those who will still serve in the reserves."
This announcement does not include the Weizmann Institute and the Open University, and exceptional cases will be allowed, such as the medical students in the clinical phase, whose presence in the hospitals is more important than ever
The committee of heads of universities sent a letter to its colleagues in the world to act against anti-Semitism during the war (document inside)
The committee of heads of universities published a special announcement this morning following the cancellation of the reason for reasonableness in the Knesset and the fear of the inability of the judicial system to assist in such cases. The universities will assist any faculty member who joins the protest. "And the educated at that time - no - will die"
"The constitutional coup that the government of Israel is dragging the country into will be a disaster for the academy as well! We call on the legislators in the Knesset - do not reach out to damage the democratic foundations of the State of Israel! Stop before it is too late! You must create a broad consensus on essential questions about the nature of the regime in Israel!
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