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The center is the first in the world to combine multiple quantum computing platforms with supercomputers, using DGX Quantum developed in partnership between Quantum Machines and Nvidia
The donor, who chose to remain anonymous, is a Jew from North America and a graduate of Columbia University who participated in World War II, saw the State of Israel as a safe home for the Jewish people and recognized the importance of its economic and social stability
New MIT system called SuperLimbs may help astronauts conserve energy and extend missions on the moon
Dr. Aya Sofer, director of IBM's research laboratory in Israel, was a guest at the high-tech Silicon Club managers' forum: "Besides the many advantages, there are also, of course, not easy challenges, such as a built-in bias in models or data,
The Authority will invest up to NIS 30 million in the establishment of the infrastructure so that it will serve all the companies and researchers in Israel and will be used for research and development of accelerators, hardware components, communication and infrastructure software. The new infrastructure should provide a response
All attempts to regulate the field of artificial intelligence were at best amateurish, states the Knesset's research division. New regulations must be built and an adequate budget allocated to them
In a document prepared for a discussion in the Science Committee, the subject of creative artificial intelligence is briefly presented, which is a catalyst for the recent public discourse; policy issues arising from its development; Information about government decisions, committees and a national plan
CorrActions' system uses motion sensors found in every digital device and allows car manufacturers to understand through AI symptoms of drivers and passengers such as fatigue, lack of attention, effects of alcohol
However, there are major differences between the two approaches in many aspects. Among other things, in the absence of mandatory prison sentences in the USA compared to the European Union, and in the large decentralization of powers in the USA compared to horizontal regulation in Europe
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