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The vehicle discovered a wide variety of heavy elements, but this is the first evidence of the presence of sulfur * The rover will tour the south pole of the moon for two weeks and look for signs of water ice
The article "Surface changes observed on a volcano in Venus during the Magellan mission" describes the analysis of the observations in which surface changes were discovered on the Sif Mons volcano during the Magellan spacecraft mission in 1991-1994
The project's research director on behalf of the European Space Agency: "The flight on Ariane 6 will not allow all the extra propellant that would be necessary to lower the orbit. Instead we will slow ourselves down by making repeated passes through the upper atmosphere of Venus, lowering to 130 km from the face of the planet"
Astronomers have discovered a rare element - phosphine - in the clouds of the planet Venus. On Earth, this gas is only produced in industry or it is emitted by bacteria living in an oxygen-limited environment
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