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The departure from Africa

Sediment studies in the Mediterranean reveal the existence of a green corridor in the Sahara desert that emerged at the exact time when our ancestors migrated from Africa about 2.1 million years ago
This is the earliest evidence of self-initiated cooking with fire. A global breakthrough by the Hebrew Universities, Bar Ilan and Tel Aviv in collaboration with Oranim College and the Sea and Lake Research Institute
New insights into the climatic background of an early dispersal wave of our species into Europe during the last Ice Age.
The researchers even identified that the genetic closeness indicates a split between the maned rats of today and those found in the Judean desert about 120 thousand years ago
Scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science and archaeologists from the Antiquities Authority returned to the archaeological site of Boker Attama in the Negev, and shed new light on a defining chapter in human evolution
Says Prof. Yoel Rak, a member of the Academy of Sciences and one of the lecturers at the online conference "Origin of Homo Sapiens" which will be held on Darwin Day - 11/2 at Zoom. According to him, there are infinite races without a clear border
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