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The corona virus

Drug safety tests often focus on "physiological safety", meaning their possible effect on patients. Weizmann Institute of Science scientists propose a new type of test: evolutionary safety
About two components that help COVID-19 make its proteins and multiply
So who is right? Those who intentionally infect or fear infection in schools? What are the effects of the virus on children? What do we know after a year and a half of illness, and a few more months of infection with the strain
The equine corona virus is a close relative of the corona virus which has caused widespread morbidity in the world in the last year (COVID-19). In this family, called beta-coronaviruses, there are also animal and human coronaviruses
The variant carries 14 defining mutations, seven of which are in the spike protein - the protein that mediates the entry of the virus into human cells. This is a relatively large number of changes compared to the many versions of the virus around the world
Researchers from Tel Aviv University have proven that the corona virus can be killed efficiently, quickly and at low cost - using light emitting diodes (LED) in the ultraviolet (UV) range
Hadassah and the Hebrew University performed 130,000 corona tests while saving 76% of the test systems
The president of the United States, who was infected with corona and began to show symptoms in a difficult condition, received an experimental antibody cocktail. Research doctors from the University of Virginia detail what are the effective treatments against corona, and what are the promising treatments that are in clinical trials
The researchers: Pregnant women should take strict precautions in order not to contract the virus and not to infect their baby. The woman and the baby got relatively mildly ill and were released to their home
Did you know that our immune system consists of two subsystems? One is born, and the other is acquired during our lives. Both together fight invaders (bacteria, viruses, etc.) as much as they can. So why do we need vaccines? Because two too
How to expand the circles of technological innovation in Israel in the Corona era?
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