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The Russian invasion of Ukraine

An Australian researcher who monitors expressions of hate on social networks analyzed about 12 thousand comments, and who is to blame for every trouble in the world? That's right, the globalist Jews
Musk found himself trying to please both Ukraine and Russia while trying to prevent escalation. His refusal to provide satellite coverage of a Ukrainian attack on Crimea exposed his dilemma. But Starlink's importance in the war did not diminish
The destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam came just as it seemed that Ukraine's counterattack was about to begin. It's probably not a coincidence. The operation was designed to engage the Ukrainian army in evacuating residents and block the possibility for Ukraine to liberate Crimea
Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, Europeans are turning to the sun and the wind: according to the estimates of a new report, in 2022 there will be a significant increase in the establishment of renewable energy production systems in Europe, following the energy crisis created by the war. What can we learn from this?
A "dirty bomb" is a dispersal device that contains a radioactive material - possibly uranium, but it is more likely low-grade materials such as cesium-137 or other radioactive materials that are commonly used in less protected medical facilities * The only country that has evidence of having used such a weapon is Russia - in Chech Nia
Shortly after the outbreak of the war, Ukraine, funded by the US government, requested data from private satellite companies around the world. By the end of April, Ukraine received images from American companies minutes after the data was collected. Recently, these photographs were proof of Ukraine's success in blowing up an airport in Crimea with its state-of-the-art fighter jets
Yuri Borisov, the new head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, said in a meeting with Vladimir Putin on July 26, 2022 that future efforts will focus on a new Russian space station.
As part of its deadly attack on Ukraine, Russia has taken the rare step of using intellectual property rights as a war tactic. In early March, the Russian government issued a decree according to which Russian companies are no longer obliged to compensate owners of patents, service models and industrial designs from "unfriendly" countries. Intellectual property experts explain what the decision means
Long before shots were fired, a linguistic power struggle was underway in Ukraine, explains a linguistics expert
Dr. Tali Gazit explains how Zelensky succeeds in uniting his people and also in mobilizing global support through social networks
The first casualty of war, says historian Ronald Sonny, is not just the truth. Often, he says, "but what's left out." He explains why Russian President Putin is not accurate in the statements he gave as a pretext for war
Opinion: The cessation of investment in nuclear energy after the Chernobyl disaster increased the dependence of European countries on fossil fuels from hostile and semi-hostile countries, such as Russia - which allowed Russia to invade Ukraine unhindered, stops the countries from standing by the Ukrainians - and may even lead to a nuclear disaster Now that Russia is occupying active and decommissioned nuclear reactors
Ukraine was prepared not only for the physical war being waged there, but also for cyber war. This explains, among other things, the request of the Ukrainian government from Elon Musk for modems for the Starlink space internet systems
Academies of sciences around the world are beginning to sever official ties with the academies of Russia and Belarus, but do not prevent scientists from maintaining personal and professional ties with their colleagues. The Israeli Academy of Sciences announced a program to admit Ukrainian scientists
Director of Roscosmos Dimitri Rogozin referred to the DMS-R facility used to navigate the station, although it was designed by the European Space Agency and integrated into the Russian component of the Zavezda space station * Also, the Progress cargo spaceships occasionally provide station orbit raising services * Elon Musk suggested that the SpaceX cargo spaceships perform the track repairs in place of the ruins
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