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The interaction between man and computer grew out of the activities of hackers in the 50s and the books and films that influenced them
This new measurement method, developed by PhD student Shir Filo and Prof. Metzer, will allow the extraction of precise biological values ​​on the brain, so that it will be possible to derive from an MRI test similar indicators to those obtained from a blood test or from a brain biopsy
The number of wins by male and female Hebrew researchers places the university in first place among universities in Israel in terms of success rate among applications, with an increase of 5.5% compared to last year and it has the highest number of winners
A new international study on treatment using the PASA16 phage (a virus that only kills bacteria), showed a success rate of over 80% and gives hope for a beneficial treatment for resistant infections
Dust that came from the Sahara and Saudi Arabia about 11,000 years ago - contributed to the development of agriculture in the Jordan Valley
The quick color switch allows an immediate change of the emitted color. The discovery has implications for diverse technologies in which fast color adjustment is required, such as display screens, quantum communication and miniaturized light sources
Forty male and female researchers, the entire staff of the Multidisciplinary Center for Hebrew Brain Research express fear of limitations that will be imposed on freedom of thought and the politicization of higher education, which will result in limitations on research that may upset the government and deteriorate the quality of research as in Hungary
The research from the Hebrew University determines for the first time, through archaeological and historical means, the boundaries of the kingdom of King David and his grandson, King Rehoboam and resolves the long-standing debate about the very existence of the kingdoms and their urban boundaries
Researchers at the Hebrew University and the Hadassah Medical Center have developed an ointment to treat the severe side effects of targeted cancer treatment and significantly improve the quality of life of patients.
The children of the Maasai tribe herd the cattle Illustration:
A new study published today (Fri) in the prestigious scientific magazine Nature Scientific Report suggests that tiny flutes made from the wing bones of waterfowl were used to produce sounds imitating the sounds of birds of prey
On aging fish, folding proteins and a new route for the development of medicinal substances
Hebrew University researchers have discovered the molecular mechanism that allows pancreatic cancer to metastasize and become fatal. The discovery offers new treatment methods for the first time
A team of researchers from the Hebrew University has developed a device that is able to easily and quickly measure the properties and thickness of surfaces 35 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. The method is expected to significantly optimize the production of solar cells, flat screens and a variety of futuristic technologies
Researchers at the Hebrew University and the University of Kentucky believe that a specific type of protein, which has not been studied before, substantially increases the molecular complexity in the brain and improves its function. "Such a discovery may have implications for the study of neurological diseases such as schizophrenia, epilepsy and autism"
Volatile molecules may characterize diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease
The first selected experiment led by Professor Sarah Eyal from the Hebrew University and in collaboration with Space Pharma and is designed to test the stability of drugs in space over time, in orbit around the moon
By creating artificial embryonic and placental stem cells and comparing them, the researchers from the Hebrew University identified about 14,000 sites in the genome that control the development of all the organs of the fetus
A study by the Hebrew University found that the tobacco companies offer benefits and gifts to store owners to market their product in a prominent location and in a more beautiful display, and teach them how to circumvent the legislation that prohibits the advertising and display of the products
 University researchers have identified a new type of organelle that has not been discovered in gametes before. According to them, a failure in its function causes infertility because it is responsible for the organization of the chromosomes in the sex cells: "The discovery advances us towards finding medical solutions"
As soon as the disease develops, significant damage has already occurred that cannot be cured, but the development of a unique genetic strain allowed the university researchers to stop the pain and erosion. The findings can predict the disease after joint trauma and start critical medical treatment
In this disease, the body produces substances similar to those found in cannabis, which damage the kidney * University researchers have found a way to improve the medical treatment of diabetic kidney disease, which affects approximately 30% of diabetics in the world. The new method that is adapted to each patient can prevent the damage, and even the development of the disease
University researchers have discovered a breakthrough magnetic phenomenon that will improve technological production. The researchers: "The discovery could change the next generation of nanoelectronic devices with reduced power consumption and faster capabilities"
Using XNUMXD printers and ink based on natural materials, university researchers are able to print wood and plan its shape while drying. "The development will revolutionize the design and construction of buildings that change themselves," shares one of the researchers
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