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Dr. Aya Sofer, director of IBM's research laboratory in Israel, was a guest at the high-tech Silicon Club managers' forum: "Besides the many advantages, there are of course also challenges that are not easy, such as a built-in bias in models or data, or the creation of fake news and its use to bias public opinion. To combat these, we must adopt ethical information standards for the use of artificial intelligence - and educate consumers to use it critically."
There are many topics that science fiction deals with that will undoubtedly feed defense research around warfare and ways to reduce risk. While we can never fully predict the future, we can only hope that our leaders and decision makers learn the lessons hinted at in science fiction so that we can avoid the dystopia that much of science fiction depicts
A British philosopher believes that we must change economic thinking from the short to the long term, but avoid using the same technological utopias that brought us the climate crisis
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