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How did your trip help the environment you were in? Get to know restorative tourism, which is not only harmless - but also helps nature and local communities during the trip. Food for thought in honor of Hul Moed trips
Google recently published its environmental report, which reveals significant energy savings in its operation, helping its users to act more environmentally and investments in sustainable ventures. Is the picture really so optimistic?
The cooperative economy tries to provide an answer to the loss of food
This is according to a report by the UN's IPBES committee, the equivalent of the IPCC that reports on the climate crisis
Opinion: Despite the objections of experts and residents, these days the Prime Minister's Office is examining the expansion of the transportation of the oil of Katsa'a; In light of the dangers involved in such a course - it seems that our government simply does not care enough about the damages of one of the most polluting industries in the world
Not keeping up: a new Israeli study indicates that our country has fallen behind in meeting the UN's sustainable development goals. So what do we do? According to the author of the study, we cannot wait for a legislative change - and the time has come for a change from below
The virtual twin experiences support sustainable steel production by companies seeking to optimize work processes and reduce their carbon footprint
For most people, "changing attitudes to nature" is nothing more than a purely academic side job, but this change is deeper. A fundamental and necessary change is required to preserve and protect biological diversity and to protect human and animal populations around the world from harm
CorrActions' system uses motion sensors found in every digital device and allows car manufacturers to understand through AI symptoms of drivers and passengers such as fatigue, lack of attention, effects of alcohol and drugs and various diseases
According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources alone is not a solution without reducing demand and radical changes in energy consumption
Renewable energy, its storage and conversion are necessary in dealing with climate change and for energy independence
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