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In ten years, it may be possible to find ambulances - or hospitals on wheels - that can reach multi-casualty incidents and provide the doctor in the field with a clear 3D image of each injured person. Doctors will no longer be needed
"Previous studies have shown a connection between temperature and the occurrence of various diseases. In a stroke, apparently, the heat causes a low fluid balance, which leads to changes in the brain, including the expansion of blood vessels, a decrease in blood volume
Neurological morbidity is the world's number 1 cause of morbidity and disability, with over 3 billion people with brain diseases * according to an article published this weekend in the Lancet. The scope of morbidity and disability has grown since then
Guide RNA fragments, which until recently were known as stages of breakdown of the guide RNA on the way to their elimination from the body, were discovered in a new study led by Prof. Hermona Sorek from the Hebrew University, as molecules of great importance for preventing the collapse of the immune system following
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