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In the Gaza Strip there is no law or supervision against fishing for protected species - therefore, sharks and bats that are in danger of extinction are hunted there freely. A new Israeli study presents a method for collecting data from social networks that allows us to map the phenomenon, and find out what is happening in the Gaza Strip
The phenomenon of sharks gathering in the warm waters during the winter on the coasts of Israel - Hadera, Ashdod and Ashkelon - is a unique and intriguing phenomenon that does not occur in other similar places in the world
In November 2019, researchers identified a dolphin tagged with number 1359, about three meters long. When they spotted him again a few weeks ago, they were surprised to find jagged scars on the sides of his body. After delving into the photos they took and even consulting with experts from around the world, they all determined that these are scars that come from a shark attack
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