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Studies indicate that dog owners feel a stronger emotional connection and are willing to spend more on their dogs than on their cats, but the extent of the gap depends on culture
We had a dog that, when standing in front of a mirror, barked wildly at his reflection, in contrast, the current dog does not pay attention to his image in the mirror at all until we wonder if he notices it. Some animals may
"The conversation is always about what the dog contributes to man, and there are even opinions that accuse humanity of exploiting other species. The innovative research findings of CLEVER DOG LAB and TECH4ANIMALS imply that even
A dog wagging its tail is one example, and we usually interpret a wagging tail as a sign that the dog is happy. But this is not the only way dogs can express their joy, and there are many animals
Dogs' personalities change over time, but these changes occur unevenly throughout the dogs' lives, and each trait develops at a different age trajectory.
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