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Nervous System

Researchers report new compounds that appear to be able to mimic the physical drive of exercise—at least in rodent cells. This discovery may lead to a new way to treat muscular dystrophy and other medical conditions in people,
The molecule that carries with it a message of regeneration
Prof. Schwartz challenged the convention that nerve cells do not regenerate or recover, and discovered that the immune system also takes care of them. She also studied the blood-brain barrier and discovered that it is prevented
A new material developed by researchers at the Technion and the University of Chicago is expected to optimize medical treatments and accelerate the use of renewable energies
Dr. Shai Sabah from the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University, one of the leaders of the research published in Neuron: "The popular opinion was that each nerve cell functions as an independent entity. On the other hand, we now understand that each of the synapses (junctions through
Four universities from around the world are cooperating with the goal of researching the nervous system: from Japan, the USA and Italy. Prof. Orit Shafi from the Faculty of Engineering in Bar Ilan: "It's a great privilege to be chosen out of 700 candidates"
Proof that drugs already approved for other purposes can be used to treat chronic pain sufferers. Since the safety of these compounds has been proven in humans, clinical trials for the new use are already possible in the near future.
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