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Near-Earth asteroids

During asteroid 2008 OS7's final approach to Earth on February 2, 2024, the agency's Deep Space Radar collected the first detailed images of the stadium-sized asteroid
The newly discovered 2022 AP7 orbits the Sun every five years, and currently crosses Earth's orbit when Earth is on the other side of the Sun from it. Eventually its motion will synchronize with that of Earth and it will pass much closer in a few hundred years
The DART spacecraft that will try to change the orbit of a double asteroid will be launched on 24/11. The producers of Netflix's space disaster film "Don't Look Up," about the discovery of an Earth-threatening asteroid, have scheduled its arrival on Netflix for its scheduled launch day
In the coming week, the engineers and scientists of the mission will try to estimate the size of the collected sample, and if it is smaller than the target of 60 grams, another contact attempt will be made in January
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