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On the medium's influence (physical or online), on the effectiveness, accessibility and fairness of legal proceedings between landlords and tenants in the USA, during the Corona period
Researchers used RNA sequencing of individual cells to characterize the ways in which the corona virus spreads in the cells of the body, and in the general population
A study in immunocompromised patients found that the corona virus develops mutations while hiding in the lungs, which can help its spread in the rest of the population
On the factors that may explain changes in the rainfall regime
Researchers created a composition of nanoparticles that was able to destroy lymphoma cells in mice
Researchers examined the tourist experience in Jerusalem and discovered the moments when the emotional arousal of visitors increases - for better or for worse
The DNA analysis showed that the Canaanites were created from the mixing of populations that migrated to the southern Levant mainly from the Caucasus region (or western Iran) with ancient local populations that stayed there, a process that lasted at least 1,000 years
Researchers have built cellular models of genetic diseases such as fragile X syndrome and found the mechanism that causes them
An artificial neural network can fill in missing information in imaging images of organs such as the brain
How growth of the mineral calcium carbonate affects the carbon dioxide cycle in the waters of the Bay of Eilat, and thus the ecosystem and climate warming
Researchers have found that fulfilling a stereotype leads to a reward response in the brain and that people are even willing to give up money for it
The field of information technologies is constantly developing and regularly challenges the researchers and practitioners in the field. One of the challenges is Big Data - huge amounts of information that come from various sources, accumulate in information systems and require a huge variety of tools and technologies for their preservation, maintenance, management and retrieval
Researchers have found that the action of a "driver" in an autonomous vehicle is accepted with more forgiveness than the action of a driver in a regular vehicle
Videos about resolving long-standing conflicts made people soften their attitudes, increasing their openness towards the other side
The human attention system can be dynamic, efficiently jumping between stimuli and taking in a lot of information, so it is not static as is commonly thought.
Negative events in childhood and sleep problems make it difficult to recover from an acute stress disorder and thus increase the risk of a mental disorder
on the research effort to decipher the essence and properties of dark matter, by measuring interactions between it and other matter particles
A new toolbox for the analysis, understanding and resolution of conflicts over holy sites
Why did the Hippocratic doctors use a dangerous method of purification for centuries to cure diseases?
On multi-stage decision making - a process in which many agents (humans or robots, for example) have to make a joint decision
A multidisciplinary study conducted by researchers from the Technion, Tel Aviv University and Haifa University refuted the notion that people with autism spectrum disorder do not experience pain
More Japanese women are entering the labor market in recent years, and more men are staying at home with the children
Traditional religiosity and Kabbalistic ideas: Safed of the 16th century offers an alternative model of Jewish existence in the Land of Israel
Following the drying up of the Mediterranean Sea about five million years ago, valleys developed in its southeast that are about eight kilometers wide and about 1,000 meters deep
An advanced algorithm makes it possible to quickly retrieve information from the memory of systems such as phones and computers and correct errors
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