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Drug safety tests often focus on "physiological safety", meaning their possible effect on patients. Weizmann Institute of Science scientists propose a new type of test: evolutionary safety
The origin of the mysterious macrophages, known in scientific language as Tingible Body Macrophages (TBM), originates from progenitor cells of the blood system that emerge from the bone marrow and settle in the lymph nodes, where they quickly and efficiently digest cell remnants
The World Health Organization now defines it as a species under investigation. This is not the first version to have sub-dynasties. Late last year, the Delta "Plus" or AY.4.2 was widely reported and then came Omicron
Researchers from Tel Aviv University have shown that silent mutations, i.e. those that do not change the amino acid sequence of the proteins, are also not innocent
Scientists from Ben-Gurion University found that the effectiveness of the Pfizer company's vaccine against the corona virus decreases in the case of the South African strain. However, the vaccine highly effectively neutralizes the infection by the original virus,
The variant carries 14 defining mutations, seven of which are in the spike protein - the protein that mediates the entry of the virus into human cells. This is a relatively large number of changes compared to the many versions of the virus around the world
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