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NASA's Juno spacecraft directly measured charged molecules of oxygen and hydrogen from the atmosphere of Europa, one of Jupiter's largest moons. According to new research by scientists at SwRI and Princeton, these observations provided
For the first time, NASA activated a tool designed to discover planets many light years away on an object in the solar system, in a study of the winds of Jupiter
The James Webb Space Telescope discovered a previously unseen jet stream in Jupiter's atmosphere. Similar phenomena have been observed in Saturn, and both may be related to temperature variations in the atmospheres of the gas giants
Io is a raging volcanic world. NASA researchers are specifically looking at a "hot spot" observed by several spacecraft orbiting Jupiter that has grown from snapshot to snapshot
Researchers have discovered that the Juno spacecraft often encounters giant swirling waves at the boundary between the solar wind and Jupiter's magnetosphere
Observations from the Juno spacecraft's flyby of the fair moon have provided the first close-up in more than two decades of this ocean world, resulting in stunning images and unique science
At the time of conjunction, both planets will be seen in the west direction, just after sunset over the southwestern horizon close to the setting sun. The next close gathering - in March 2080 * and how it is related to the road
For the past five years it has been circling Tzedek and transmitting to Israel a huge amount of photographs and information related to Tzedek. Since she has a large stock of fuel left, there are those who are thinking of extending her stay around
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