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Israel Prize

Professor Maza studied planets outside the solar system and even developed a method for discovering planets that allows expanding the search circle
Prof. Zak, a survivor of the Vilna ghetto led scientific breakthroughs and two phenomena in physics are named after him. He was a student of Prof. Natan Rosen, Albert Einstein's research partner. Prof. Zak spent the
Prof. Harel said these things at the meeting of the Knesset's Science Committee on Sunday this week, following the decision to cancel most of the categories of the Israel Awards and award an award to those who showed bravery during the invasion of Otef
"The truth is that my candidacy was not liked by the Honorable Minister and those close to the Prime Minister and perhaps even the Prime Minister himself because I am known to be an opponent of him and the political revolution he tried to bring about," said Waldman
In the reasons for the award committee it was stated that Shashua is the ambassador of Israeli excellence, daring and creativity in the world
Prof. Schwartz challenged the convention that nerve cells do not regenerate or recover, and discovered that the immune system also takes care of them. She also studied the blood-brain barrier and discovered that it is prevented
The award was given to Prof. Zak for "developing mathematical tools such as 'Zak transformation' and 'Zak phenomenon' used to decipher the phenomena of electrical conduction in a magnetic field. These tools enable the prediction of materials with unique properties for building
In its reasoning, the committee stated that: "The Israel Prize in the field of life sciences research for the year 2018 is awarded to Prof. Eli Keshet, from the Hebrew University, for his pioneering contributions in understanding the mechanism by which oxygen-deficient conditions stimulate the growth of
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