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Intestinal bacteria

Prof. Omri Koren from the Faculty of Medicine won an ERC grant for his research dealing with the development of a post-biotic supplement to protect mothers and newborns
The microorganisms in our bodies make people come closer and help each other, even when they are not genetically related
In a study published today in the scientific journal Cell, Weizmann Institute of Science scientists demonstrated an innovative therapeutic approach that performs "targeted defeat" of unwanted intestinal bacteria using a creative and precise weapon - viruses that attack bacteria
The research of Dr. Nissan Issachar from Bar Ilan, which deals with the connection between the microbiome and the body's immunity, won a grant from the Lupus Research Fund 
An angry question is sent by a reader frustrated by counting calories and chewing celery: How is it that cows that eat straw, grass and other leaves and foliage that are so recommended for diets are so fat?
Researchers at Tel Aviv University found a connection between a bacterium in the grasshopper's gut and the destructive phenomenon of swarming and migration
Nicotine and other compounds found in cigarettes penetrate the intestine through the bloodstream and change the composition of the intestinal bacteria and their products
Examination of faeces (and movement) of migratory birds, reveals the effect of nutrition on intestinal bacteria. The feeding is of course intended to prevent the birds from raiding the fields
Weizmann Institute scientists have revealed an effect of the gut bacteria on the body's systems mediated through the supply of essential compounds for energy production in the mitochondria
In a study published in Nature Communications, Dr. Yonatan Friedman and PhD student Nitai Maroz from the Faculty of Food and Environmental Agriculture at the Hebrew University bring science closer to engineering a unique microbiome for specific needs in humans, animals, plants and the environment
Researchers from the Hebrew University have found new nutritional benefits for broccoli related to the metabolism of glucose and fats and bacteria in the gut. Prof. Madar: "This is one of the only studies in the world that studied broccoli in these contexts"
Bacterial resistance to antibiotics, intestinal bacteria
Researchers from Bar-Ilan University and the Galil Medical Center researchers Prof. Omri Koren and Dr. Ayelet Shay believe that it will be possible to test prevention using appropriate probiotics
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