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What will happen to all our stuff? What will happen to our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods, our cities? Who will feed the dog? Who will cut the grass? Although it's a common theme in movies, TV shows, and books, the end of humanity is still a strange thing to think about
Special for Passover: It turns out that slavery is not limited to humans, and various insects survive and multiply in nature thanks to the "slavery" of other species. So what do an army of small ants and Sparta have in common? What were the ladybugs telling their psychologist? And who survives thanks to an army of drugged security guards?
Development of water collection and transport systems based on the characteristics of the desert beetle and the female beetle
A wasp gathers as food for its future offspring larvae that contain maggots of another wasp in their bodies, thus harming their survival
Cockroaches will survive even a nuclear holocaust (provided it doesn't happen when their wings are cut off), bed bug extermination is almost impossible today even with the pesticides we have because of the resistance it has developed and spider webs are 5 times stronger than steel
The tentacles, relatives of the mosquitoes, have a strange wedding custom, they choose their spouse in a huge swarm of tentacles and yet continue to stick together. A new study managed to decipher the phenomenon
Over a million species of insects breathe through cilia, so there is a limit to their growth capacity.
Researchers from the University of Washington present a unique development in the field: a camera so small and light that even insects can carry it on their bodies like a backpack
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