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The annual report of the Innovation Authority: the high-tech industry at a crossroads despite continued growth in 2023 The companies and investors express concerns about the future
Individual neurons could recognize, for example, when we are about to touch our tongue to our palate to say the letter D * This will enable the development of prostheses for those suffering from speech problems
Dr. Aya Sofer, director of IBM's research laboratory in Israel, was a guest at the high-tech Silicon Club managers' forum: "Besides the many advantages, there are also, of course, not easy challenges, such as a built-in bias in models or data,
How to expand the circles of technological innovation in Israel in the Corona era?
Innovation management and analytical diagnosis - a multidimensional model for creating organizational innovation in companies
Do you have an idea for a startup? How will you turn it into a successful business venture? The steps between the excellent idea and the long-awaited exit!
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