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Homo erectus

The world-important prehistoric site, the Ovadia National Park in Emek Yardam, which is the oldest in Israel (about 1.6 million years ago) and one of the oldest in the world outside of Africa, was inaugurated. * There was a meeting between
Why did the ancient man return again and again, over hundreds of thousands of years, to the same quarry sites? It turns out that the secret lies in the migration routes of the elephants
Sediment studies in the Mediterranean reveal the existence of a green corridor in the Sahara desert that emerged at the exact time when our ancestors migrated from Africa about 2.1 million years ago
The book's cover illustrator is veteran comic book artist Roger Bonet, who has worked with Marvel and DC Comics on a variety of well-known titles such as "Iron Man," "The Avengers," "Spider-Man," "Nightwing" and "Batman" * Excerpt from the book
Complete human skeletons may testify to the existence of different human groups in the Land of Israel 100,000 years ago and more
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