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Burnt flint tools from prehistoric sites make it possible to determine the strength of the Earth's magnetic field in ancient times. The information about the magnetic field in ancient times may have implications for the understanding of the magnetic field in our time. The researchers:
Leskov Cave, which has been closed to the public since 1963 and the possibility for experts to explore it is also limited due to fear of damage, has undergone a digitization process and now you can visit a virtual twin prepared by Dassault Systèmes without fear of damaging the cave
The rare seal impression that was found is the earliest evidence in Israel of the use of a seal for signing shipments or locking doors. The seal dates to the Middle Chalcolithic period, about two thousand years before the appearance of writing
Researchers from the Hebrew University and the University of Toronto found that the ancient hominids settled in caves and began making tools about 1.8 million years ago in South Africa: "The study reliably confirms and substantiates our previous estimates
Researchers from the Hebrew University, the University of Haifa, the Technion, Aviv University, the Volcanic Institute and other research institutions from Israel and the world discovered the find at a site from about 6,500 years ago that sank into the sea. In this way, the discovery predates you by about 4000 years
The layered site, which was apparently used by humans of the late Homo erectus type, was a favorite site, to which the humans returned again and again. Bone remains of a wide variety of animals were found on the site
The research focused on food residues identified in dental stone of people buried in Tel Megiddo and Tel Irani (near Kiryat Gat). In the teeth, dating to the 16th century BC in Megiddo and the 11th century BC in Tel Irani, remains were found
Hundreds of meters of realistic wall paintings, the oldest of which are 36 thousand years old, depict vivid and sometimes even three-dimensional descriptions of the local nature at the same time when herds of
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