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Recent research reveals that a significant change in the course of the Nile River about 4,000 years ago expanded the floodplain near Luxor, which could have caused the prosperity of agriculture in ancient Egypt and influenced the location of sites
Hebrew University researchers have revealed new findings regarding the connection between the increase in oxygen in the atmosphere and oceans on Earth, and the development of complex life. The study indicates that the rise of oxygen occurred after the development of life
Research shows for the first time how direct invasion of mitigation zones can occur. The 3D computational model, driven by gravity, predicts that the subduction zone currently under the Strait of Gibraltar will spread further
The article "Surface changes observed on a volcano on Venus during the Magellan mission" describes the analysis of the observations in which surface changes were discovered on the Sif Mons volcano during the Magellan spacecraft mission
Researchers examined what happens under the city's asphalt non-stop - and what seismic tremors cause cars, pedestrians and cyclists
An international group of geologists, including researchers from Ben Gurion and Tel Aviv University, discovered a connection between earthquakes in different parts of the world
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