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First House Period

Weizmann Institute of Science scientists overcame a cosmic phenomenon that makes it difficult for archaeologists around the world and presented for the first time an absolute dating of Jerusalem in the Iron Age
The canal facilities, the likes of which have not yet been discovered in Israel, were in use about 2,800 years ago - during the time of the First Temple; According to the researchers from the Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University, "it is possible that the canals were used to soak some product. the location
The research from the Hebrew University determines for the first time, through archaeological and historical means, the boundaries of the kingdom of King David and his grandson, King Rehoboam and resolves the long-standing debate about the very existence of the kingdoms and
A Shebaite inscription was deciphered on a clay urn that contained incense and was discovered less than 300 meters from the site of the temple as part of the Ofel excavations in Jerusalem. The inscription on the urn indicates a connection between King Solomon's Israel
Prof. Israel Finkelstein from the Department of Archeology at Tel Aviv University takes us into the wonderful journey following the story of the wanderings of the Ark of the Covenant in 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. How the Ark of the Covenant was transferred from Shiloh to the captivity of the Philistines in Ashdod
According to Dr. Barak Monikandam-Givaon and Thila Lieberman, the dig managers on behalf of the Antiquities Authority: "The barbell is made in the shape of a dome with a flat base. At the top of the weight is carved a sign that resembles the letter E, an Egyptian sign that represents an abbreviation of
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