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Monday night there will be two broadcasts at 01:30 from the transmitter of the departure from the space station to the Dragon spacecraft, 03:30 the disconnection of the Dragon. The article also includes videos taken during the mission
Last Thursday, 14/4/2022, an event was held at the Herzliya Science Center in which students from several schools in Israel spoke with the Israeli Eitan Stiva during his stay on the International Space Station
Today, Tuesday 19/4/2022 at four o'clock in the afternoon Israel time, Eitan Stiva and his three companions will enter the private space mission AX-1. They are supposed to land tomorrow, Wednesday at 15:17 Israel time
With a short break for Seder Pesach, Eitan Stiva was busy all weekend with the Israeli experiments
Throughout the day, Eitan Stiva performs a variety of scientific experiments from the International Space Station, in the field of remote medicine.
The experiment tested the changes that occur in the ability to see during space flight. The researchers are Dr. Eran Shanker, Prof. Uri Polat and Prof. Yossi Mendel.
Eitan Stiva, the first Israeli on the International Space Station who also received an astronaut badge from the World Astronaut Association, said during the welcome ceremony held upon the arrival of the Ax-1 team at the International Space Station: "Welcome to the International Space Station! First time we have had the privilege of reporting from here in Hebrew, good luck to everyone and good luck to the sky !"
The experiment that will allow us to be healthy even outside the earth will be launched into space today together with Eitan Stiva
In this article we will provide regular updates in preparation for the launch
According to SpaceX President Gavin Shotwell, the company has already stopped production of Crew Dragon capsules after building its fourth spacecraft scheduled for an April 19, 2022 launch for NASA to the space station.
Ahead of the launch next week, a 'Rakia' mission complex was established at the Check Point offices in Tel Aviv, including a control room from which scientists, artists and educators will monitor the activities of astronaut Eitan Stiva on the International Space Station; and a visitor center that will be visited by thousands of students in the coming weeks who will experience the activities Interactive educational
The bag of seeds that will be taken is of the seeds of closely related wild varieties, which are collected and preserved in the Israeli gene bank at the Volcani Institute. These seeds are unique and valuable in light of the great genetic diversity they treasure and form the basis of research aimed at producing plants that can adapt to extreme climate change
The Axiom 1 or Ax-1 mission (and in Israel it was named "Rakia") is scheduled to lift off on Wednesday March 30 from Launch Complex 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida in the Crew Dragon spacecraft aboard a Space-X Falcon 9 rocket
Review of scientific experiments and technological demonstrations that will be carried out by Eitan Stiva in the sky mission. Out of 31 missions approved. Third review in a series that also includes four experiments of high school students selected for the flight
Review of scientific experiments and technological demonstrations that will be carried out by Eitan Stiva in the sky mission. Out of 31 missions approved. Second review in the series
Review of scientific experiments and technological demonstrations that will be carried out by Eitan Stiva in the sky mission. Out of 31 missions approved. First review in the series
Yes ma'am! Astronaut Peggy Whitson was the first woman to be appointed mission commander to the International Space Station, was the first woman to command two missions to the space station, and is to be the commander of the second mission to be launched by the private space companies Axiom Space and SpaceX with space tourists
The experiment of Tel Aviv University, known as the "vault" is one of the experiments that Eitan Stiva will conduct, in the sky space mission
A celestial mission (as part of a larger mission - AX-1) is expected to launch on February 21. Ran Levana, CEO of the Ramon Foundation, updates in a conversation with the science website the status of the mission, the preparations, the experiments and the lessons from space that Stiva is expected to broadcast live 
Among the solutions that will be presented in the only Israeli pavilion at the space conference: observation satellite systems, a new communication satellite and the Berashit spacecraft that brought Israel to the moon
The spaceship or rather the Spaceship 2 rocket plane took off for the mission known as Unity 22 from the Virgin Galactic Space Center in New Mexico on a carrier plane and when they reached the desired altitude they activated the rocket engines and rose to a height of about ninety kilometers where the passengers saw the curvature of the Earth and floated in low gravity
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