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Deep learning

A new Israeli study presents a solution to the many accidents between aircraft and winged creatures, and for the first time succeeds in identifying with the help of radar flocks of large birds, which until now were considered "invisible"
This is according to the annual conference of Tech.AI, the center for artificial intelligence at the Technion
A study by researchers from Ariel University published in the Astrophysical Journal used deep learning to analyze the radiation data from communication satellites that NASA has been collecting since the 96s and succeeded with the help of machine learning in predicting solar storms up to XNUMX hours before they began to affect Earth * The research was done with the support of an agency Israeli space
The Israeli Newreality is the first chip start-up company in the world to be chosen to join IBM's AI Hardware Center * Dr. Mukesh Kahara, IBM: "The association with Newreality, which developed the unique AI-centric approach, is the type of collaboration we are looking for"
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