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Deep Pike

Dr. Sandrin Bodna, Head of the Department of Communication at Tel Aviv University, gives tips on how to behave on social networks and in the media against fake news
Does the deep fake threaten the study of history by forging unidentifiable documents?
All attempts to regulate the field of artificial intelligence were at best amateurish, states the Knesset's research division. New regulations must be built and an adequate budget allocated to them
In a document prepared for a discussion in the Science Committee, the subject of creative artificial intelligence is briefly presented, which is a catalyst for the recent public discourse; policy issues arising from its development; Information regarding government decisions, committees and a national program on artificial intelligence in Israel, and a concise reference to trends in regulation in Europe and the United States
or not? In a world where pictures, documents and soon even movies can be created with the ease of a click of a button and a stray thought, we must learn and teach our children to be careful of blindly believing in the evidence presented to them
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