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New research has improved the accuracy of the parameters that control the expansion of the universe. More precise parameters will help astronomers determine how the universe grew to its current state, and how it will evolve in the future.
A special article in honor of Hebrew new year summarizing the creation of the world through the lens of science
Astronomers at the European Southern Observatory discovered that the star HD 45166 is a neutron star about to become a megastar
Webb recorded what remained after the death of a star only 11 thousand light years away from us. It is a relatively new supernova - only 350 years old
Gravitational wave analysis hints at the way black hole pairs are formed
Physicist Hikida from the University of Tokyo and his colleagues developed the dual model for Einstein's theory of gravity in three-dimensional de Sitter space. This is a significant step towards a model that will faithfully describe nature, i.e. the physics of quantum gravity under an expanding universe with a positive cosmological constant.
Following the new Marvel movie "Doctor Strange in the Dimensions of Madness" which takes place in the Multiverse, I decided to break down in a short article the meaning of parallel universes and the reasons to believe in their existence. In my opinion, science surpasses any imagination, including Marvel's imagination.
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