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Bay of Eilat

The research team: "We must act quickly to continue to protect our coral reefs" * The article is dedicated to the memory of Tal Ilon, a man of the sea, commander of the Kfar Gaza alert squad who was murdered on the 7
How growth of the mineral calcium carbonate affects the carbon dioxide cycle in the waters of the Bay of Eilat, and thus the ecosystem and climate warming
Every year a dust storm occurs at the bottom of the Gulf of Eilat that may reduce global warming
Alarming findings regarding the future of the Gulf of Eilat: the coral reef in the Gulf of Eilat is having trouble recovering from the damage of the 2020 winter storm, which hit the bay and caused the coral colonies in the reef to break and be covered with sand; Continued decrease in percentage
The Ministry of Environmental Protection publishes the national monitoring report of the Gulf of Eilat for the year 2020, carried out by the Inter-University Institute in Eilat * The sea surface temperature rose, enormous damage was caused to the reef in the great storm
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