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The intestine is a very dynamic organ that is constantly changing structurally, mechanically and chemically, and the intestinal bacteria are required to cope with this dynamism. One of the qualities that may help them in this is plasticity - the ability
This is how the decision-making mechanism of viruses works
In a study published today in the scientific journal Cell, Weizmann Institute of Science scientists demonstrated an innovative therapeutic approach that performs "targeted defeat" of unwanted intestinal bacteria using a creative and precise weapon - viruses that attack
Identifying the mobility of atoms in biological and chemical systems may help in deciphering the structure of the envelope that protects the genetic material of certain viruses, something that may, in the future, allow harming their reproduction
A defense mechanism discovered in bacteria may make it possible to improve the resistance of agricultural crops to pests
Researchers from Tel Aviv University have discovered a process in which a "good" virus manages to selectively destroy the DNA of the "bad" bacteria, thus stopping the reproduction of the bacteria. The discovery may help in the development of treatments against bacteria
These days, the ability of these substances to fight viruses that harm humans, including the flu and corona viruses, is being tested
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