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Autonomous cars

The automotive industry is talking about the "Internet of Vehicles" (IoV), a network that can help vehicles detect roadblocks, traffic jams and pedestrians. She can help with the location of the vehicle on the road
The association operates with funding from the Innovation Authority and the Department of Smart Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation and integrates companies from complementary fields *
Metropolin, Egged, Dan and Netiv Express (each separately) will cooperate with start-up companies and international transportation companies to operate pilots of autonomous buses, first as part of an experiment and following that a license to operate in areas to be determined
This problem in artificial intelligence is also called "belief space planning". Solving this problem, i.e. calculating the set of optimal actions to achieve the goal, requires an estimate of the potential actions under a reward function
Dror Bin, CEO of the Innovation Authority: "The Innovation Authority sees great importance in promoting the field of robotics in the State of Israel. Development and strengthening of capabilities in the field of robotics may give the relevant companies a significant competitive advantage in the sale of
The beginning of the experiment is expected in the second half of the year * it will be possible for up to 500 cars to participate in the experiment
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