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The ADRAS-J mission, which was launched into space to locate a piece of a defunct satellite 11 meters long and weighing 3 tons, will set new standards in the field of arrival and active removal of space debris, as well as in providing service to satellites
It will be equipped with a docking device that will allow connecting and 'towing' satellites and launchers and taking them off course
Astroscale's collaboration with the Momentos company offers NASA a commercial solution that will allow the famous satellite - which recently celebrated its 33rd birthday - to be attached and towed to an orbit that will also be cleaned of space debris
ELSA-d, which was successfully launched into space during March 2021, consisted of two satellites: a service satellite (~ 175 kg) and a 'client' satellite (~ 17 kg) that simulates space debris, which were launched side by side. The service satellite was developed to
The ELSA-d satellite is the first to demonstrate in space the core technologies needed to attach to space junk and remove it from orbit. The company states that this is a significant step towards expanding the service in space orbit and achieving the vision of Astroscale
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