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The amulet may testify to the presence of an Assyrian (or perhaps Babylonian) official in the place almost 2,800 years ago * The rare find was transferred to the state treasures and the traveler received a certificate of appreciation from the Antiquities Authority
The length of the Amma section is about 300 meters, and it was uncovered in the excavations of the Antiquities Authority before the expansion of the neighborhood, funded by the "Arim" company for urban development and in the framework of the establishment of schools on the site at the initiative of the Jerusalem Municipality * Among other things, a coin from the second period of the great revolt of the Jews against the Romans was found in the Amma infrastructure - A few years before the destruction of the Second Temple
People from all over the empire that ruled South America until the arrival of the Spanish came to the temple at Machu Picchu for a kind of life dedicated to the Inca religion
The research from the Hebrew University determines for the first time, through archaeological and historical means, the boundaries of the kingdom of King David and his grandson, King Rehoboam and resolves the long-standing debate about the very existence of the kingdoms and their urban boundaries
Tel Shekmona was the largest crimson factory in the area during the Iron Age, under the control of the Kingdom of Israel and the one that apparently supplied the prestigious crimson color to the Temple in the neighboring Kingdom of Judah
The system from the tenth century AD, in the Islamic period is the first significant development of agriculture in the sand in human history
Already in 2016, the measurements gave reason to assume the existence of a hidden space near the Chevron stones above the entrance. Now scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have used ultrasound endoscopy to make an important contribution to confirming this assumption.
The hook, which appears to have been used for hunting sharks, was discovered in the excavations of the Israel Antiquities Authority before the establishment of the Agami neighborhood in Ashkelon * The unique find will be presented for the first time at the 48th Archaeological Congress, in the organization of the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Society for the Exploration of Israel and its Antiquities, and the Israel Archaeological Society
Cotton fabrics and silk fabrics originating in India and China from about 1,300 years ago found in the Arabah testify to ancient trade from the Far East, through the Land of Israel and Europe
The courtyard was uncovered as part of the 'Road of the Kings of Judah' project led by the Antiquities Authority, the Jerusalem Ministry and Heritage, and the Kimat Israel Fund * Evidence of the sanctification of the place over hundreds of years was uncovered at the site, indicating the burial of a significant figure who belonged to an affluent family in the Second Temple
Prof. Erez Ben Yosef from the Department of Archeology at Tel Aviv University in a fascinating description of the elite's fashion in the tenth century BC, during the reigns of David and Solomon * from Tel Aviv University's Tel Aviv 360 podcast series
Each of them will receive an award of $300,000 for achievements in researching the past and as support for their future work * An additional $300 was allocated to a new international post-doc program for history subjects at Tel Aviv University * The ceremony - at Tel Aviv University in May
Thanks to advanced management skills, the Araba industry became the copper powerhouse of the ancient world
The president of the university, Prof. Ron Rubin: "The University of Haifa operates in a unique texture of mountain-city-sea, which makes us a living laboratory for research in the fields of the environment, man and society"
Tensions between communities and complex technology 15 years ago: Although there are sources of high-quality basalt for chiseling tools close to Carmel, the residents of the Al-Wad Cave Terrace 15 years ago went as far as the Sea of ​​Galilee to collect basalt for chiseling tools for food processing, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Haifa
Scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science and archaeologists from the Antiquities Authority returned to the archaeological site of Boker Attama in the Negev, and shed new light on a defining chapter in human evolution
The rare seal impression that was found is the earliest evidence in Israel of the use of a seal for signing shipments or locking doors. The seal dates to the Middle Chalcolithic period, about two thousand years before the appearance of writing
In a joint study by the Antiquities Authority, Tel Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University, archaeologists unearthed pieces of cloth dyed in the royal scarlet color from the time of Kings David and Solomon.
The layered site, which was apparently used by humans of the late Homo erectus type, was a favorite site, to which the humans returned again and again. Bone remains of a wide variety of animals were found on the site - elephants, cattle, elk, donkeys and more, which were used as food for the residents
After a secret and in-depth study it was revealed for the first time that a seal sold in the market to a professor from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is actually the earliest find of a seal discovered in the Land of Israel. Also, for the first time in the history of research, there is real evidence of a royal seal that is produced in different sizes
Unearthed in archaeological excavations by the Antiquities Authority prior to the expansion of the settlement of Hispin, funded by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Golan Regional Council *According to the archaeologists, "it is likely that the Goshurites, who ruled the Golan and maintained diplomatic and family ties with King David and his dynasty, operated in the citadel"
Each year, approximately 1,600 new PhD holders are qualified in Israel. They go out into the world armed with a certificate, a lot of new knowledge and usually with the desire to translate it into meaningful action. But many of them will find themselves embarrassed in front of the employment options before them
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