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Egyptian writers who lived in the third century BCE claimed that the Jews carried diseases and harmed Egypt and that in general they were the bad guys when they came to rewrite the story of the Exodus from Egypt, perhaps without meaning to, they created anti-Semitic arguments that would be based
The Seven expressed their concern over the hesitant responses of the institutions' leadership to condemn the calls for genocide
"My 45-year-old pride in the doctorate I received from the Institute of Technology - these days is being replaced by great shame" * These words were said at the ceremony of welcoming eight new members to the Israel National Academy of Sciences that takes place every year
Magill testified along with two other presidents, Claudine Gay of Harvard and Sally Konerbluth of MIT, at a hearing held last week at the Congressional Education Committee in Washington. The three answered the committee members' question about whether it was a call to destroy
This is evident from the statement of opinion of the heads of the research universities in Israel regarding the statements of the presidents of universities in the United States in Congress where they claimed that freedom of expression prevails over the content
An Australian researcher who monitors expressions of hate on social networks analyzed about 12 thousand comments, and who is to blame for every trouble in the world? That's right, the globalist Jews
Non-Jewish Ukrainian writers tried to raise awareness of large-scale Ukrainian collaboration with the Nazis, but the Ukrainian public still does not recognize this, mainly due to the neglect of the Soviet regime and many of the Ukrainian governments.
The annual report of the "Center for the Study of European Jewry Today" on the state of anti-Semitism in the world reveals: 2021 was a record year for anti-Semitism
The author is Professor Alex Gordon, Oranim College tells about the anti-Semitism that accompanied the famous Jewish researchers, about Einstein's recommendation for Rosen to work in Kiev, about Podolsky's double loyalty, about Prof.
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