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Air Pollution

Dr. Ariel Friedman, develops solutions in the field of electrochemistry that will lead to green and cheap energy
Bats, urban heat islands, Tel Aviv University, zoology, geography, interdisciplinary research, biologically assisted sampling, smart cities, the Internet of Things, air pollution,
According to preliminary research, we have already passed most of the limits of resource utilization. The world's resources, including the climate, biodiversity, water systems and other natural resources, have exceeded their limits and reached catastrophic levels. Is there a way to restore the situation?
Special for the holiday: these are the stories of some of the most polluted places on our planet, which would not be harmed by a "Pesach cleaning". A dirty trip around the world
Recently, you can find more and more network influencers in Israel and abroad who publish videos with tips for cleaning the house using materials that will not harm health and the environment. So what can we learn from them for the holiday?
Burning wood is one of the most polluting ways to generate energy and heat. don't do it
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