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First-ever model simulations of individual stars in a star cluster in the process of formation suggest possible mechanisms for the formation of intermediate-mass black holes
Researchers have developed a method for mapping the central regions around black holes, which contributes to a better understanding of their growth
According to the new paper, in some white dwarfs, the dense plasma in the interior doesn't simply freeze from the inside out. Instead, the solid crystals that form upon freezing are less dense than the liquid, and therefore want to float, then push
Beta Pictoris is a solar system in the making and relatively close so that the gas disks can be seen. It turns out that Webb was able to discover a structure that was not noticed in photographs with less sensitive instruments, thus he discovered a gas disk
The European Space Agency's Gaia mission discovered over half a million new stars, tagged 150,000 asteroids, and identified 380 cosmic lenses. These discoveries advance our understanding of the universe, and prepare the ground for liberation
This end-of-life phase of red giant stars is relatively short, and the celestial structures that form around them are rare, so the Tobi Pitcher Nebula is an excellent example of a case study in the evolution of a star
It was found that stars with variable light intensity influence the production of the interstellar dust and its enrichment in heavy elements from which life was created
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